We strive to make you experience at Solar Sound Studio professional, quick, and exactly what you want.
We use Pro Tools HD with an array of plugins and gear:

Gear List

  • Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Mac 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 64GB Memory
  • Digi Design C24 Console
  • Universal Audio Apollo X8 Thunderbolt 3 A/D D/A Converter
  • Neumann TLM 103 Microphone
  • Avalon 737 Mic Pre/Compressor
  • Mackie HR 824II Monitors
  • Mackie HRS 120 Subwoofer
  • Behringer 15″ Loudspeaker Monitors
  • Behringer Eurolive B1800X-Pro Subwoofer
  • Entire Waves Plug In Collection
  • Vocaline
  • AutoTune Pro and AutoTune Artist
  • SSL Plug Ins

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Recording and Tracking Sessions


These are by the hour studio sessions that come with an engineer to operate your session. The services that come with by the hour sessions are recording, editing, and rough mixing, all to be completed within your scheduled time. The engineer’s skills here at Solar Sound Studio are advanced & quick. Your rough mix usually will end up sounding like a complete mix if allotted enough time for the rough mix in your session. Actual mixing and mastering is a separate process from recording. If you would like your song mixed completely, not based on time, you can book a mix session to get a full sonic mix. You may also book a longer session if you would like to focus on mixing during your recording time.



Superior mixing is one of the essential elements to creating a good record. A hit song has to have all the elements of the recording highlighted in they’re proper form. We supply that here at Solar Sound Studio. Mixing is done on a per song basis, not hourly. Mixing sessions are unattended with a typical 2-5 day turnaround, based on the current workload. Mix sessions can be attended upon request. We welcome songs or projects that are recorded other places. Just supply the ProTools Session Data or the exported stems from whichever DAW or software used. Please call for mixing services & package deals.



Once your project has been recorded and mixed to a top quality standard, the final step is mastering. We use ProTools HD for mastering your final mix. We need a recommended 24bit data file of the 2track mix that has no plug ins such as compressors or limiters on the master fader. Mastering is done on a per song basis and is an unattended session. Typical turn around is 1-3 days. Please Call for mastering services & package deals.